Monday, July 26, 2010

Blurb Party

Come check out the Blurb Party!  You can find my book, Soul Bound as well as some other great books!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Soul Bound

My first book in the Soul Seer series is out! This is part of my world of the Ageless.
You can find Soul Bound at Changeling Press.  The excerpt is not  G rated but then, neither is the book.  Here's the blurb.

Soul Seer: A true immortal. Six hundred years ago, a sorcerer captured Raven. She's been his prisoner ever since. Although she can't die, she can suffer. Transported to the new world in an iron coffin, she lies buried and forgotten for nearly two hundred years -- until a construction crew digs her up and inadvertently sets her free. Starving, lost and alone, Raven staggers through a strange city filled with wagons that have no team, lights without fire -- and then there's the clothes. What exactly is the point of a thong anyway? Or shoes that hurt her feet and make her totter around like a drunken barbarian at Midsummer's festival?
Mercenaries for Hire: The vampire Ilario and his werewolf companion Wulf are partners in every sense of the word. Wulf likes variety in his bed and Ilario will do whatever it takes to keep his mate happy, even if it means tapping a female now and then. But this latest woman brings far more trouble than expected. Can they claim Raven for their own -- before she gets them all killed?

Soul Bound buy here