The Ageless: A modern world of timeless immortals and ageless beings

Encyclopedia of Races
Immortals:  They can't be killed, they don't get sick or age but they can  hurt.  Many once lived as demigods among mortals.

Soul Seers:  They can't be killed, they don't get sick or age but they can  hurt.
    "Sometimes it's not how they try to kill you, it's what they do before they try to kill you that really sucks."
    •    They see the truth of a person's heart, the good, the bad and the ugly.
    •    Can create glamours that fool anyone who sees it. 
    •    Walk through the "mists" to get from one place to another without normal world travel.
    •    Their blood passes some magical properties when ingested.  Vampires can withstand some daylight.  Mortals can be healed.
    •    Certain magics when combined with iron create a poison that limits their magics.
    •    Sometimes form soul bonds with mortals or, rarely, the ageless. 
    ⁃    Some become soul mates - bound together for all time.
    ⁃    Soul mates share life force.  The seer can use it to save his or her mates from death, if there's anything left to save.

Other immortals:   Most have gone through the mists elsewhere leaving mortals to their follies.
    "We've all gone somewhere else, no really, I'm not here."

Ageless:  Ruling councils with members of all races preside over territories divided up by agreement.  Charged with keeping out of mortal sight.

Vampires: Most were born human and turned.  Some were born vampires either from two vampire parents (exceedingly rare) or from a mother bitten repeatedly during pregnancy.
    "They (mortals) get a rush, we get dinner.  What's the big deal?"
    •    Gain power as they age. Older ones can withstand sunlight and can become immortal. 
    •    Can make people forget what they've seen.  Some are better at it than others.
    •    Super fast and Super strong.
    •    Sleep during the day unless stressed into staying awake.  Sometimes wake before sunset, especially during summer.
    •    Bite causes bit lust.  Addictive to mortals.  It's more than just the 'vamp juice' that causes trouble.  They have an essences that causes the problem from prolonged exposure.  Deep feeding causes an immune reaction that could be harmful to mortals.  The 'Claiming' overrides the immune system and attunes the body to that Vampire's essence.
    •    Some keep humans as blood slaves (claimed) or a stable of bite junkies (Unclaimed and often abused and sickly).
    ⁃    Mortals can be kept humanely as blood donors with some effort not to over stress them.
    •    Turning requires first a claiming and then introduction of the full vamp essence.  Not for the weak, females don't often make the turn.
    •    Live in 'houses', a lot like gangs or the Mafia
    •    Each large urban area has an Inner Circle to keep the peace and keep them from mortal view.

Weres: Many different species.  They are born not made.  Can be any large mammal.
    "You're just jealous because you can't grow a tail."
    •    Older ones gain in strength and healing abilities.  Could become immortal. 
    •    Moon has no effect.
    •    Wolves have life mate, live in packs 
    •    Lions like to live in prides, multiple males ok.
    •    Most others live like mortals: family groups or loners.  No fated mates.

Witches, wizards, sorcerers: Humans born with the gift of magic.
    "Unlike most, we have to work hard to earn our long lives.  Somebody has to pay for that.  And what's wrong with making a little profit anyway?"
    •    Not innately ageless, have to gain enough magical power or skill to become ageless.
    •    Some good, some bad, most just making a living off the rest of the ageless.
    •    Vampires like to higher them for their wars.  Deep cloud cover or an eclipse comes in handy on the battlefield.

The Fae: Faires, elves, etc.:  Once the halfling children of the immortals.  Now their own races.
    "Why bother with the affairs of mortals?  They don't live long enough to be worth the trouble."
    •    Come in all kinds, most want little to do with the mortal realm.
    •    Some good, some bad
    •    The more powerful have abilities much like their immortal ancestors.

Shifters: Can become any being they've touched.
    "I can grow any kind of tail I want.  Or look like Brad Pit, if I could just get close enough to touch him..."     

Mortals:  The rest of us.