Monday, January 3, 2011

Brannan's #1 post for ROW80: Goals

Normally I get things done one of two ways.
1 Most common: "Oh my God I have a deadline, holiday, whatever coming and I can't put it off any more."
2 Not nearly as often:  "It's that time of day, I'll do..."
3 Sporadic but consuming:  "No, I can't sleep now, I must write.  The voices, they won't leave me alone."

For A Round of Words, I'm going to try something different, more along the lines of #2.  So here are my goals
Write 1000 to 2000 words a day
Spend 4 hours, writing, editing etc.
Plus an hour a day networking and advertising.
Plus once a week updating my website and blog.  Spend at least an hour  here.
Six days a week. Because this is my not just my life but my passion.

So why isn't it easier to get all that and more done?  If it's a passion shouldn't I be setting goals to get the house work done?  Ok, honest, I need help there too.  My big time eater?  Everyone else's great books.  I love to read, obsessively.  So that will be my reward for each goal I meet.
I'm off to get those words written.

Here's a link to others participating: A Round of Words in Eighty Days.


  1. I like that you've added advertising and updating your website to your goals. Those things are just as much a part of this whole writing thing as the actual writing is. Best of luck in ROW80!

    Let me know when you find the time to read, because my TBR pile is outrageous and is going to miss me. :)

  2. I hear you! I got some good books over the holidays but have to ration them out for a while.

  3. Oh I know you are not going to stop there on the last book. Darn it when is the next one coming out.


  4. um, I assume you just finished Wolfman 4? I struggled with the best place to end it and in the end, the word count decided it. Book 5 comes out Nov 10.
    email me if you want to chat.