Sunday, January 2, 2011

Viking Seduction 2: Blood Slave now available

Boytoy for a sexy blond vampire? No way. This cop has a job: find his daughter, hunt vamps...

Meet Dekker's sister and second in command, Segrun.  Former Viking sheildmaid, vampire, field commander of the Svardraken and all around sexy badass and her new boy toy, Detective Pasquale O'Grady.


I'm a cop. Homicide Detective Pasquale O'Grady. So believe me when I tell you, vampires took my daughter -- along with other missing collage kids. Real vampires, not the Goth wanna-be kind. I even know which one. But the bastard went and got himself dead before Icould track him down.

With my leads gone, my only hope is his killer. I knew convincing another bloodsucker to help me was a long shot. I hadn't counted on his sexy blonde sister who wants me in her bed. It's not that I have something against sex, hell, what man with a pulse would? And since my divorce, I haven't exactly been getting much action. But I'm too damn old to be some Viking Vampire's boytoy -- or worse, blood slave -- no matter how sexy.

Viking Seduction 2: Blood Hunter now at Changeling Press

Read an excerpt here

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