Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blind Faith, Wolfman Tale 3 coming Jan 18

Love is a leap of faith. And love conquers all. Right? If only it were that easy.

Blurb: Life among humans. Not something my two wolfmen ever expected to experience again. The women at the compound are just as surprised to find themselves sharing their sanctuary with the very wolfmen they're trying to protect themselves from. Learning to trust each other won't be easy but I have faith, in my wolfmen and our love. Love conquers all. Right? If only it were that easy.

Coming Jan 18 to Changeling Press

Adult Excerpt:

The waiting room smelled of warmed fake leather, worn carpet and antiseptic. Some heat radiated off the windows. I bet it was nice outside. Being cooped up here sucked, major sucked.

A loud bang rattled a glass window.

"Eeek!" I nearly fell off the stiff seat of the waiting room couch I jumped so hard.

"Sorry, Mei, didn't mean to startle you." Derek flopped down on the couch next to me with a frustrated huff. I pulled him to lay his head on my lap and ran my fingers through his silky hair, gentle little strokes designed to soothe. He let out a deep sigh and let go of a small amount of the tension thrumming through his body. I ran soft, teasing caresses over the tight line of his jaw, smooth since he'd just shaved. He settled a bit more.

The sound of Jay's pacing echoed around the otherwise too quiet waiting room. My boys did not take inactivity well. Especially not forced inactivity. And until the women of this refugee compound said otherwise, here we had to stay.

Actually, they had to stay; I could leave anytime. I think that irritated them even more, that I could come and go at will while they would be shot for poking their noses out the door.

"Jay, sit your ass down. You're making me crazy!" Derek snarled. All the tension he'd let go returned with friends. It radiated off him like sparks of electricity.

Jay's frustration came out in a deep growl. "Sorry, Derek, I just hate sitting still."

Derek growled back, a deep dangerous sound that vibrated from deep inside. His head jerked up from my lap.

I offered soothing strokes through the tangle of his long hair and a gentle tug. "Shh, Derek. It's OK. It'll work out." I hoped to distract them from their restlessness. No such luck. My guys were more about action than words. It made me realize just how much time we'd spent rolling around in bed or asleep those first few days. After that, they roamed near the shelter while I enjoyed the fresh air. Were all wolfmen this active by nature? "Have you had any more thoughts on how to help them increase their security?"

"How am I supposed to do that when we're caged up in here?" The tight clip of his words expressed his agitation quite clearly.

Gently, I tugged at his hair, urging him to lie back down. "I know, lovers. Waiting is never easy, but we don't have a lot of choices at the moment."

I heard rustling and then Jay sank down against the front of the couch. He flopped back against me and I stroked his head. "Jay? What happened to your dreads?" A short wiry brush replaced the tangled mat that turned into nature's own dreadlocks.

He leaned into my touch, a soft sigh escaping his lips. "Derek helped me with it this morning. Do you like it?" He sounded hesitant.

I ran my fingers all over his head searching through tight curls no more than a quarter inch long. "Yes, mate, I do. Nice to card my fingers through your hair."

We stayed like that for a while, me stroking them. Contentment filled me, something I never thought I'd feel again. And love. God, how I loved my wolfmen!

Derek shifted in my lap, leaning over to nuzzle Jay's neck. Jay turned, kissing the inside of my wrist. With my hand on his cheek, he leaned in to kiss Derek. Strong jaw muscles danced under my hand as their kiss swiftly moved from sensual to heated. Tingles flowed up my arm, lighting sparks all along my skin.

Hot, moist lips kissed my hand, my wrist. Derek sucked my thumb into his mouth. Ahh, that felt amazing! A zing of passion zipped down to my pussy.

Jay nibbled down my arm until he kissed Derek with my thumb sucked from one mouth to another. My breath caught. Heat flushed my body.

I ran my now wet thumb down Jay's throat as my other hand tugged and stroked in Derek's silken locks.

They went back to kissing each other, encouraging me to "watch" them with my hands. Soft sexy rumbles purred through their bodies and right to my sex like great big vibrators.

Derek rolled over so his face was buried between my legs. "Mmmm, Mei smells hot!"

Having a man's face sniffing my crotch shouldn't have been as sexy as it was. The little growly groans had my panties wet in no time. Next thing I knew, Jay was on the couch with me, laving hot kisses on whatever wasn't covered in cloth. His big strong hands cupped my breasts, tweaking my nipples with his thumb.

I sucked in a deep breath, desire radiating out from his touch. Derek had pulled his head out of the way and skilled fingers rubbed over my mons. God, I was burning up! And then it stopped. Completely stopped. Irritated growls issued from both guys.


"Got an audience."

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